H&L Jarred Flower

Sourced from New York.

Blue Dream (S)
Sour Guava (S)
Jealousy (H)
Green Crush (S)
Cherry Do-Si-Dos (H)
Lemon Cherry Gelato (H)
Zereal (I)
Moonbow (I)
Unicorn (I)
Mango Haze (S)
Amnesia Haze (S)
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Zereal: Nighttime strain. Cross between Zkittlez and Cereal Milk.
Effects: A relaxing strain that can induce euphoria and provide an easy smoke for users. With notes of tropical fruits and ice cream, this sweet strain can help with anxiety and depression.

Lemon Cherry Gelato: Anytime (Hybrid) strain. Cross between Sunset Sherbert and Girl Scout Cookies.
Effects: relaxed, social, happy and can help with depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Can also be a pain reliever. with notes of lemon and cookies. Notes of lemon and cookies.

Cherry Do-Si-Dos: Anytime (Hybrid) strain. Cross between Phantom Cookies with Dosidos.
Effects: A balanced feel with relaxing, creative, and tingly feelings. Ideal for a late afternoon or early evening sesh. Notes of apple, berries, and lime and a smooth exhale.

Green Crush: Daytime (Sativa) strain. Cross between Skunk #1 and an indica of unknown lineage. Originally known as Green Crack.

Unicorn: Nighttime (Indica)  leaning hybrid made from an unknown cross of strains.
Effects: This strain has a more relaxed feeling but the effects won't knock you out. It will lift your spirits and put you in a calm mindset. Consumers report feeling blissful, giggly, and tranquil. Notes of sour fruit, citrus, and blueberry.

Jealousy: Anytime (Hybrid). Cross between Sherbet Bx1 with Gelato 41.
Effects: Balancing effects and can make users feel relaxed but physically energetic. Has an earthy and diesel aroma and can help mitigate stress.

Sour Guava: Daytime (Sativa).  From the Cookies family.
Effects: Notes of a sweet and fruity flavor profile.

Moonbow: Nighttime (Indica) leaning hybrid made by crossing Zkittlez and do-si-dos. This candy flavored strain has a potent and powerful high.
Effects: Can make users giggly, happy, and relaxed and it has a nutty and fruity flavor.

Blue Dream: Daytime (Sativa) Cross between Blueberry with Haze.
Effects: A balanced high with cerebral stimulation and full body relaxation. can be used to help with depression, nausea, and chronic pain. Notes of  berries.

Mango Haze: Daytime (Sativa) strain made by crossing northern lights #5, skunk, and haze.
Effects: Produces an uplifting and happy effect that will put you in a good mood. It features a mango aroma and flavor that consumers love. It is a strain that is best known for helping with stress and depression.