Jarred Magik – High Potency

Sourced from New York. High potency is recommended for those with more experience, or for experienced users seeking a stronger journey. For mild potency, view our Medium Potency selections.

Jedi Mind Fuck
Jack Frost
Makilla Gorilla
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Makilla Gorilla: Cross between Melmac Penis Envy with APE.
Effects: Intense and engaging sensory experience. Known for generating vivid visuals, and immersive geometric patterns. A mild dose of this strain can impart a profound sense of relaxation through a body high that is enjoyable and still manageable.

Jedi Mind Fuck:
Effects: Produces intense visual and auditory hallucinations along with feelings of euphoria and introspection. Perfect for more experienced mushroom users as it is more potent than the average strain.

Jack Frost:
Effects: Very high potency. Whereas most mushrooms may cause nausea, this mushroom helps alleviate nausea. Taken enough, people may experience synesthesia effects. It is great for therapeutic effects.